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Paradise Island

My Dream Home

Welcome to my dream home, a place where crystal blue waters surround snow white sands with a light breeze that will gently bring the scents of wisterias, and salt air to you....

Ok, so we're not on an island, But almost anything is possible here on the internet.

You could search for your Ancestory...

My Family's Tree and other Genealogy links. And hopefully it will expand more and more.

I know that I will be adding more things in the future. My sister has come up with some WONDERFUL news for our mom. And hopefully time allowing I will add it in with what we have found so far.


One of my 4 Favorite Guys.

You can also find games....

Games Domain.Search for games (all kinds) here.
Happy Puppy Page. You can search for more games here.

There are so many things out here in cyberland place. There would be no way I could list them all, BUT you could search for them here at....

C/nets Shareware.
Zdnet (shareware search)
Alta Vista.

So with all of these things out here in this vast wonderland. It is easy for me to picture my dream island here too...
Thanks for stopping by.


You are the surfer to ride the web to my page.

1996 Email me at anytime at Carol.