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Our Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather. William Rogers.

From THE ROGERS FAMILY book by Ellen Rogers and Diane Rogers:

Willian "Billy" Rogers born 1 August 1797, died 7 January 1869, married 19 July 1813 to Abigail Larrison born 1800, died 1 January 1882. Abigail was a daughter of George Larrison.
Records Of the Baptist Church of Christ 1804-1871 Log Lick, Clark Co., KY were found by Elizabeth T. Clark G.R.S. There was a small calf bound book of the Baptist Church of Christ of Log Lick, Clark Co., KY. It was obtained some years ago at an auction sale by Mr. Clyde Elkin of Clark Co., KY. In the book it list: Abigail Rogers wife of William Rogers received by letter April 1829: William Rogers received by letter 1829: Milly Rogers received by letter April 1829: and Milly Rogers dismissed January 1831. Information about the book is from Mrs Ora W. Clough.
William impressed Elder Samuel Rogers, a traveling minister, so much that several paragraphs are dedicated to him in his book THE TOILS AND STRUGGLES OF OLDEN TIMES. Samuel Rogers presented William's case to the board that ordains ministers and helped him become ordained to preach, October 1834.
Mart Stewart remembered Elder Rogers's ability to hold his audience attention. He also told how he would bring his gun to church with him to protect him from the animals. He also remembers that Billy had long flowing white hair and wore a heavy shawl in the winter. A famous sermon of William involved using a long rifle. He compard the rifle to the old and new testament. He stresed that you needed both parts of the Bible as you need both the fore and hind sight on your rifle.
In 40 years of preaching Elder William baptized 2052 people according to his obituary in the "Louisville's Courier Journal". Another accomplishment was having 22 children by his only wife, Abigail. Only 14 lived to adulthood. By his death they had given him 207 grandchildren.
William and Abigail are buried in the Mountain Springs Cemetary. William's stone stands silently in the cemetary. Revelation 14:13 as a reminder of his work: "And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them."
William as a mountain minister preached all along the Three Forks of the KY River. Brother Rogers was appointed in 1850 in the Old KY. Christian Missionary as an evangelist in Owsley Co., KY. which composed portion of Lee, Owsley, Estill and Wolfe Counties, KY.
In the LEE CO., KY. CENTENNIAL in an article on the Beattyville Christian Church Brother Billy Rogers from Clark Co., KY. was the preacher responsible for the church organization.
Another account has him in 1852 holding a successful revival at Proctor with more than 40 additions. They were meeting in an old house. After William and Abigail married Abigail was taught him to read and write.
From page 35 of THE STANTON CHRISTIAN CHURCH A HISTORY by Herbert Profitt:
"On the 3rd Lords day in June 1853 the church met according to previous appointment and a large concourse of people assembled and after singing prare (sic) was offered then Brother William Rodgers addressed the assembled multitude in a forcible and eloquent sile (sic) after which a door for the reception of members was opened and 8 came forward and joined 4 by Recommendation and 4 by confession-the meeting was then dismissed to meet the 4th Saturday in July 1853."
After William and Abigail Rogers died their children filed a suit in court to settle the estate. Some depositions from the case were recorded in the Estill Co., KY. Courts. A few exerts are listed below:
On 7 August 1854, I, James Morre, Spencer Co., KY. sold to William Rogers land that Morre had brought from The Gathiesm and Company at the Furnace, 100 acres. He was to pay $50.00 down on 1 December 1854, $150.00 on 1 December 1855, $100.00 on 1 December 1856, and the rest and interest on 1 December 1857. Witnesses were: T. G. Crawford, and Rachel Rogers. Signed by James Morre and Lanie Morre wife.
Elder William and Abigail lived on this land and raised a large family. Out of their 22 siblings 14 lived to reach adult hood. They too raised large families.
DEPOSITION OF JOSEPH ROGERS. "My parents are very old, infirm, unable to support themselves. Hezekiah is one of the younger children and Isaac T. is the youngest. Both of them lived with father and mother all their lives never paid a dollar. Unable too."
DEPOSITION OF HEZEKIAH ROGERS. "In order to satisfy mother and father I moved in with them after they divided the tract they bought from Jackson Galespy. Father agreed to the division. We were to take care of mother and father to their death. He also denied that William had purchased or owned the land named by plaintiff Joseph. His parents were unable to support themselves in 1863."
DEPOSITION OF JOHN W. ROGERS. "Age 55. I'm a commissioner for William Rogers's children. I live 3 or 4 miles from them. Joel Reed's $11.00 debt was for advertisement of Grandpa Billy's land for sale. It was known as the Old Furnace Property. Jesse Cobb of the Log Lick Christian Church sent Grandma Abby the money to pay the tax by William's son-in-law, James Meadows of Powell Co., KY."
DEPOSITION OF HARVEY STEWART. "Age 52. I lived 1/2 mile from William. William preached in Powell, Estill, Lee and other counties. This land has been under cultivation since 1856 by William."
DEPOSITION OF T.G. WATSON. "I'm the son of Jeptha. I'm 43. William claimed this land after his death grandmother claimed the land until her death in January of 1882."
DEPOSITION OF HIRAM ROGERS. "I'm a son. I live about 8 miles from Father. He owned it. My father preached and got money."
DEPOSITION OF J.P. WATSON. "I'm 65. I live 1/2 mile from the land in question. I've lived here 33 years. I married Williams daughter. He claimed the land I've seen the receipts. I know he paid his taxes. Abby's cow, table and clock were levied on for the tax. She asked me to pay the tax and save her cow. I didn't think it right. Hezie and Isaac and John G. were living on her place and paying no taxes. But Watson paid and got her cow back."
On the 15, 16, and 17 of Feburary 1888 E.P. Beloc and Company, T.J. Flynn and James Mackey surveyed the Rogers tract of land and divided it into 14 shares, as to quality and quantity. Equal.
I.T. got Number 1, John P. got Number 2, Hezie got Number 3, Abbie McCoy got Number 4, Cynthia Galespie got Number 5, Susan Watson got Number 6, Martin got Number 7, Nancy Smith got Number 8, Elizabeth Watson got Number 9, James got Number 10, Joseph got Nubmer 11, M.D. got Number 12, Sally Meadows got Number 13, and Hiram got Number 14. The starting point of the survey was the Mountain Springs Church.

William and Abigail Larrison Rogers children who lived to adulthood are listed below:

John P. Rogers married Mary Townsend

Cynthia Rogers married Thomas Jackson Gillespie

George Martin married Cynthia Lowery

Elizabeth Rogers married Isaac Watson

James Rogers married Rachel Blythe

Susan Rogers married Jeptha Watson

Joseph Rogers married Sally See

Marcus David Rogers married Lucinda Tipton

Nancy Rogers married John G. Smith

Hiram Rogers married America Tipton

Hezekiah Rogers married Rebecca Barnett

Abigail Rogers married William McCoy

Isaac Rogers married Sallie Ann Townsend

Sally Rogers married James Franklin Meadows

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