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This is Our Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother.

I have been told there are many searching for her.

From THE ROGERS FAMILY book by Ellen Rogers and Diane Rogers.

Susannah was listed in the 1810 census of Estill County, Kentucky, as being over 45. That would make her being born sometime before 1765. She was also listed as being head of household. With the following number of children listed as living with her.
2 Males born between 1784-1794
1 Male born between 1794-1800
1 Female born between 1794-1800
2 Females born between 1800-1810

We believe the following to be Susannah's children:

Polly Rogers married to William Sparks

John Rogers married to Elizabeth "Besty" Larrison

Sarah Rogers married to Isaac Dunaway

William Rogers married to Abigail Larrison

Hiram Rogers married to Malinda Lucy "Milly" Witt

Here are a few tidbits from the book THE ROGERS FAMILY written by Ellen Rogers and Diane Rogers.

It is believed that her first husband could have been John Rogers or Charles Rogers.
Susannah Rogers m#2 16 March 1813 to James Sparks. They were married by David Chenault of Madison Co., KY. James Sparks after their marriage gave permission for Sarah, Susannah's daughter to marry Isaac Dunaway. He stated that he was her step-father. Susannah had signed Rogers but marked through it and wrote in Sparks. James and Susannah had only been married a short time and she was not use to writting Sparks.
According to Louise Fowler, James Sparks paid taxes in Estill Co., KY from 1811 (when he came of age) to 1826, except for the years 1819 and 1820 when he paid taxes in Madison Co., KY. He apparently owned no land and paid the poll Tax only.
In Madison Co., KY, in 1818 there was one James Sparks. He had a horse valued at $5.00.
Horton Rogers is searching for Susannah. One of his leads is a John Rogers born in Cork, Ireland in 1743. He original settled in Virginia. Susannah's son William was born in VA. John then moved to North Carolina. His brother relocated to South Carolina. Susannah's son Julius was born in N.C. in 1801.
Genealogy of John Rogers of Boxford, Mass. 1907 came form England in 1708. He was the first minister of Boxford. John and Susannah Rogers had children. Susannah Rogers born 18 June 1711.
Jean Everman at one time thought that Susannah's father was "Hell Fire Jack" Rogers, a Scotch man who married a Cherokee Indian. Their children were taught by missionaries. Susannah's sister, Tiana married Sam Houston. They had 2 sons and 1 daughter. Some in this family are buried at Fort Gibson. The Indians blamed the John Rogers for being one of the first ot start the "Trail of Tears".
Also the Houston family was ashamed of Sam for marrying an Indian and did not want to open up old wounds.
From: Page 43 of Family History with Name Origin and Lineage Lines Rogers from Genealogical Records by Heraldry
"Rogers, James of Roane Co., NC. born about 1790 married 26 May 1811m Nancy Coody. Both were of mixed English and Cherokee Indian blood. James was a son of John who married Jennie Dew, and John was brother to Charles Rogers whose 2nd wife was Rachel Hughes, by whom he had a daughter, Tianna Rogers who married first David Gentry. After his death Tianna became the indian wife of General Sam Houston when he was living among the Indians. James Rogers who married Nanny Coody had a brother "Bushyhead" who married Nannie Foreman. The story is that this brother Charles or James had a store in Kingston, Tn. where Sam Houston, as a boy, used to work and that he knew Tianna Rogers, and when he went west hunted up Chief John Rogers, was taken into the tribe, and married the daughter.

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