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Our Great Grandparents

Here is the info on Nathan Hall that I have, he was born 24 April 1875 in Haysi, Dickenson Co., Virginia died 23 July 1967 in Hustonville, Lincoln Co., Kentucky married to Sarah Ann Childress born 22 September 1882 died 26 May 1957 in Hustonville, Lincoln Co., Kentucky.

I have a pic of Nathan Hall and Sarah Childress Hall on their aniversary but I am unable to fit it onto the server at this time. Hopefully soon. If you think you might want to look at it to see if you recognize anyone I will gladly email it to you. I have three different ones, one of just Nathan and Sarah cutting a cake, one of them with their children, and one of them with their children and grandchildren.

Their children were:
Lillie Nancey Hall (her mom Sarah Puckett) married Henry Clay Lane.
Sarah Childress was not her mother, her mother was Sarah Puckett on whom I have no info at all. I only know that is her name because on my Grandmother death cert. she is listed there as her mom.
Magillan Hall never married.
Hermon Hall married Annie ???. They had four children.
Malinda Hall.
Elizabeth Hall married William Albert Edrington.
Dicie Hall.
John Henry Hall married Helen Skelton. They had one daughter.
Albert W. Hall married Gracie King. They had six children.
Stella Hall married James V. Whitlow.
Zora Hall married A. G. Durant.
Fannie Hall married John Barbati. They had two children.
Lulu M. Hall married Charles A. Cowen. They had four children.
Martha Augusta Hall married Paul C. Cloud. They had one daughter.

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