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This is Our Great Grandfather.

This is Our Great Grandmother. Frankie Hatton Watson.

From THE ROGERS FAMILY book by Ellen Rogers and Diane Rogers:
Hezekiah Frank "H.K.F." Watson born 5 June 1871, died 10 Sept 1962, married 30 or 31 March 1896 to Frances Ellen "Frankie" Hatton born 4 January 1879, died 20 October 1980 at the age of 102 years old. When she celebrated her 100th birthday, an article was pulished in "THE KENTUCKY POST". Here are some excerpts "She had 13 children, 128 g grandchildren, 53 gg grandchildren, and three ggg grandchildren. As a mid wife she delivered some 1000 children in Powell and Estill Counties. She m Hezekiah Watson, son of a Christian Church minister. Hezekiah's mother, Ann, taught Frankie how to be a mid wife. Mrs. Ila Blythe said her mother was a good rider. "I've seen her get off the horse, grab hold of its tail or mane and follow it when the mountain was too steep?" Hezekiah was a deputy sheriff of Estill county for a while. "Izzie died in 1962. They were married 67 years. She has a brother, Sam Hatton now 92 who now lives in Paintsville, KY. She still knows the Lord. She still says her prayers and sings hymns." Frankie was a daughter of Robert Richard Hatton born 21 March 1859, died 3 May 1893 and Emmerine Rogers Hatton. Frankie was a very outstanding midwife. Frankie's mother died when she was young. She was raised by her Grandmother, Abby Rogers.

Their children are:

Veach Ervil Watson married Lizzie Conway

Troy Mitchell Watson married Lillie Patrick

Bessie Watson married Shelby Smith

Courtney Watson married Pearl Gillespie

Jessie Watson married Alvin Odell Rogers

Carl Watson married Mary White

Ila Pearl Watson married Walter Haven "Jake" Blythe

William Edd Watson

Ollie Joyce Watson married Clayton Hall

Thomas Green Watson married Della Mae Patrick

Floyd Watson

Leonard Buel Watson

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